Letting go

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A few years ago, I learned new things and felt like a super woman. I thought I could do it all. Be a mom, a wife, and a blogger. I’ve never been good with time management but I love to multi-task despite the fact that I don’t accomplish much when I do so. I never learn.

So there I was, a few years back, committed to responsibilities that I thought I could manage. I did, marvelously, for a couple of years.

But things don’t always go as planned. I was consumed by the idea of it all and made some sacrifices just so I could focus on one thing. Sadly, I didn’t focus on what was, still is, important to me, my family. I was so focused on blogging and got so stressed out that I find myself wanting to put myself into seclusion so I could write, socialize online (to build my blogging network, or so I say) and just waste my time browsing the net (research). I made excuses that what I was doing was important. It gave us extra money, to spend on dining out and material things that are not important.

Then things went downhill. I got so frustrated because I invested so much into my blogs and I was no longer earning like I used to. I had a writer’s block and cannot update my blogs to attract more advertisers. I still visit my social media accounts but everything felt like blah to me.

I think what broke the camel’s back, so to speak, was when a friend tagged me to a photo of my daughter that was posted on a fan page of a mom/parenting website. That photograph was posted in my family blog and they didn’t have the decency to inform me first. I was pissed. I may be exaggerating but I feel like I helped them exploit my daughter’s privacy. Sure I posted the photo in my blog, my mistake, but I don’t get much visit in that blog anyway. My readers consist of mommies and mommy bloggers so I thought it was safe.

It’s like a huge wake-up call. I got in touch with the page’s admin and asked them to remove my daughter’s photo. I also started purging my blogs and removed most of her photos online. I still have her photos in Instagram and Facebook but those are private accounts and are only visible to a number of people.

That experience gave me a new perspective in life and opened my eyes as to what is really important. I spent less time online and focus more time with my family. I also realized that I no longer need or want to keep my other blogs.

So I’m letting go of the other blogs together with the burden of updating and maintaining all of it and keeping this one instead. A clean slate if you will.

You will still see some updates about my family. But mostly this would focus more on our journey on simplifying our life.

2 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. As we grow older, we get a clearer picture of what is most important to us. You are fortunate to have realized it at such a young age.

    Added you on my blog list!

  2. Hi neighbor,nice blog! Your experience about your daughter’s pictures made me realize that sometimes it pays to be cautious and a bit paranoid especially in this day and age of social media.

    I hope you get back your zest in blogging. I let go of my 3 old blogs too and refrained from blogging for 4 long years hahahaha we all go through life like that sometimes.

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