Hello Tiny Space Urban Living

Finally, finally, we are moving in.

work in progress
work in progress

It took a year for us to save enough money to be able to fix things around the new flat. (Is it still called a flat even if we’re not paying rent?) It’s a 4-storey apartment style building built by my in-laws. We occupy the second floor while hubby’s siblings occupy the other floors. Of course, we also shared some funds in building the flat so we can customize according to our preferences, especially for the bathroom and the kitchen.

Our main goal for this year is to have the room painted so we can move out of the in-law’s main house. We wrongly estimated the working days of the painter we hired and it took more that 7 days to finish painting a 25 square metre room. It may look small but that size is the typical size of most condominiums in the metro.

Yes, welcome to the tiny space of urban living.

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