Letting go

need less

A few years ago, I learned new things and felt like a super woman. I thought I could do it all. Be a mom, a wife, and a blogger. I’ve never been good with time management but I love to multi-task despite the fact that I don’t accomplish much when I do so. I never learn.

So there I was, a few years back, committed to responsibilities that I thought I could manage. I did, marvelously, for a couple of years.

But things don’t always go as planned. I was consumed by the idea of it all and made some sacrifices just so I could focus on one thing. Sadly, I didn’t focus on what was, still is, important to me, my family. I was so focused on blogging and got so stressed out that I find myself wanting to put myself into seclusion so I could write, socialize online (to build my blogging network, or so I say) and just waste my time browsing the net (research). I made excuses that what I was doing was important. It gave us extra money, to spend on dining out and material things that are not important.

Then things went downhill. I got so frustrated because I invested so much into my blogs and I was no longer earning like I used to. I had a writer’s block and cannot update my blogs to attract more advertisers. I still visit my social media accounts but everything felt like blah to me.

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