Dear June

The start of June is not good to me. Yesterday, I slipped while mopping the floor. It’s a good thing that I braced my arm first. The arm slipped and twisted a bit but it’s enough to soften the fall of my head to the low table. I felt my head hit but it’s not […]

Letting go

A few years ago, I learned new things and felt like a super woman. I thought I could do it all. Be a mom, a wife, and a blogger. I’ve never been good with time management but I love to multi-task despite the fact that I don’t accomplish much when I do so. I never […]

Hello Tiny Space Urban Living

Finally, finally, we are moving in. It took a year for us to save enough money to be able to fix things around the new flat. (Is it still called a flat even if we’re not paying rent?) It’s a 4-storey apartment style building built by my in-laws. We occupy the second floor while hubby’s […]